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Surgery Leadership Weekend

One of the core missions of the Department of Surgery at the University of Michigan is developing the future leaders in surgery. To do this, we have designed a leadership training program for students applying for surgical residency. We hope to share with students both our larger vision of surgical leadership as well as provide  guidance on the surgical residency application process. We held the first leadership weekend in May 2013 with successful results and have continued the tradition.  For more information about the program, please view our website.



Facilitate and motivate medical students to becoming the future leaders in surgery as well as provide them the knowledge and preparation to apply for and match in academic surgery. We plan to have over 25 faculty, house officers and recently matched medical students to facilitate a personalized experience for each participant.


Who can apply

All University of Michigan medical students who intend to apply in general, vascular, plastic or cardiothoracic surgery in the Fall 2020 are guaranteed a spot in the Student Surgery Leadership Weekend. In addition, students from other U.S. medical schools applying in surgery in 2020 can apply.


Benefits of participating

All applicants will receive a summary of the proceedings of the program as well as a guide on “How to apply for surgical residency”.  A small group of students will be invited to participate in the Student Surgery Leadership Weekend based on the competitiveness of their application.



The Academic Surgeon Development Program at the University of Michigan will cover room, board, meals and provide a travel stipend to qualified applicants. This includes the students selected to participate who attend medical schools other than the University of Michigan.

Leadership Weekend date for 2020

May 15-17, 2020