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Current Projects

Currently over 30 students are partcipating in the following research projects:

1. Frailty in Liver Transplantation: Understanding the impact of patient frailty on survival and quality of life among liver transplant candidates and recipients.

2. Readmissions and chronic liver disease: Indentifying risk factors for frequent hospital readmissions among patients with cirrhosis, with the intention of designing interventions to improve patient care.

3. Preoperative Bootcamp: Testing whether a regimen or pre-operative exercise will improve surgical outcomes.

4. Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative student writing workshop: Allowing medical school students to direct a clinical research project from hypothesis to manuscript submission using a large surgical database.

5. Analytic Morphomics: Utilizing novel analytic morphomic techniques to predict surgical outcomes based on physical characteristics measured from CT scans. 

Our Team

Research Projects are largely led by students. We receive generous support from the Department of Surgery at the University of Michigan, the Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative, the University of Michigan International Center for Automotive Medicine, and the University of Michigan Center for Analytic Morphomics. Our team consists of: 

  • The bulk of the work is done by the Undergraduate Staff who use SCRUBS - ASDP as a great tool for education and advancement toward their career goals
  • Medical Students that conduct their own projects and help undergraduates in their education
  • A growing population of Alumni that have used their experience as apart of ASDP to achieve their career goals
  • Administrative Staff that handles day to day responsibilities to ensure the team operates smoothly
  • Research Lab Associates that help with the finer points of medical research
  • Collaborators that provide support to the program
  • Directors that founded the program  

The Leadership Team 

Michael J. Englesbe, MD: Director 
Christopher J. Sonnenday, MD, MHS: Director
Michael Terjamanian, ME: Research Coordinator
Darrell A Campbell, Jr, MD: Advisory Committee
Seth Waits, MD: Advisory Committee
Justin B. Dimick, MD, MPH: Advisory Committee                              
Kyle Sheetz, MD: Advisory Committee                                    
Calista Harbaugh, MD: Advisory Committee                        
Meg Smith, MD: Advisory Committee     
Jay Lee, MD: Advisory Committee                                             
Stewart Wang, MD, Ph.D.: Advisory Committee

Student Voices


Students are highly encouraged to work with faculty to publish what they have worked on. This ranges from posters to abstracts to full-length papers. 

For current students, please submit your new publications and presentations here.

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