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Shadowing in the OR

I'm interested in shadowing in the OR. How do I arrange that?

Please visit the Shadowing Website at  Contact a participating faculty member to schedule your shadowing experience.

I've contacted a faculty member and have scheduled a date to shadow. What do I need to do before then?

You have already completed the necessary training for HIPAA and Code of Conduct during your M1 Orientation. Additionally, all persons in the operating rooms must have a flu vaccination during flu season. For information on getting your flu shot clinics, visit the Occupational Health Services site. [hyperlink 'Occupational Health Services' to:]

TWO DAYS PRIOR: Activate your MCard scrub access by placing a ScrubEx Request here. [hyperlink 'here' to:] You inquire at the main OR desk as to locker location.

I'm interested in shadowing during morning rounds. How do I arrange that?

...... Surgery Rounds Shadowing spreadsheet [hyperlink 'Surgery Rounds Shadowing' to:]

I've picked a date on the rounds spreadsheet. What do I need to do before then?

MANY NIGHTS BEFORE: You can sign up for as many dates as you like. Please only sign up one student/day/service. *Prior to shadowing, you must receive your Flu Vaccine if it’s flu season (refer to the following website for current flu vaccination updates and requirements: You have already completed the necessary training for HIPAA and Code of Conduct during M1 Orientation. THE NIGHT BEFORE: Around 8 pm, the night before you are scheduled to attend rounds, please page the department you are shadowing. Use this website and enter the last name of the chief resident (unless the sign up sheet says otherwise). Type your message in the NON CLINICAL paging form. Something along the lines of “M2 (NAME) shadowing rounds in the morning. Time and Location of Meet? c/b 734-555-1212” The residents should have been instructed to expect these pages and will let you know where to be the following morning. If they do not get back to you, they’re busy. Sign up for another day. These are general instructions. If the googledoc lists special instructions, such as “Page the intern” or “Email so and so for time and place”, do that instead.

If the signup sheet says to page a chief/intern, but a name is not listed:

  1. Click on the link for the paging system above.
  2. Click on “On Call Schedule By Department”
  3. Search for the department. e.g. “Neurosurgery”
  4. Click on the pager # for the Intern/Resident on call (as per the signup sheet)
  5. If you have any questions, email


  1. BE ON TIME. In fact be early. Really do not be late.
  2. You will be seeing patients all morning. Wear a white coat and your UM ID. Professional dress is required. Scrubs are appropriate also, if you have a pair of University of Michigan scrubs. If you don’t you can get a pair outside the main OR. Instructions for getting scrubs are included below.
  3. Don’t walk around with a giant backpack. Leave as much of your stuff as possible at home/in fursty/in a dark corner you trust.
  4. Bring a pen and paper. Be ready to ask and answer questions. Residents don’t like to feel like they’re wasting their time and would much rather teach to someone who looks like they want to be there. Don’t be nervous or afraid to engage.
  5. You will be standing/walking for a good amount of time. Wear shoes you can be comfortable doing that in. Eat breakfast. Pee. Get it all done before rounds start.