Past Events

Check out some of our previous activities and gatherings at ASDP:

Surgery Olympics

ASDP committee members came up with the idea of a creative event and competition called the Surgery Olympics. The purpose of the Surgery Olympics is to build surgical and clinical skills, teamwork, and professional collaboration among first and second-year medical students.

Dr. Oliver Varban, Assistant Professor in the Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Section of General Surgery, took this idea and ran with it creating an educational, fun competition that had participants on their toes, competing head to head among the best, their classmates.

The Surgery Olympics took place in the Clinical Simulation Center on two occasions, February 11 and February 15, 2013.

Students were divided into teams to compete in the following competitions: intubation, central line placement, suturing, laparoscopy, peg board, laparoscopic suturing.

Before the competition, Dr. Varban, provided videos and teaching skills to the students. The students were then given the opportunity to practice each event before the big competition.  The teams were scored as a team as well as individual performances and were judged by Dr. Varban and Dr. Mike Englesbe, in addition to current general surgery residents. Prizes were awarded for fastest team and individual times for overall quality of surgical skills.



Doctors of Tomorrow

Under the umbrella of ASDP is the Doctors of Tomorrow program, spearheaded by Dr. Jonathan Finks.

In collaboration with Cass Technical High School, the U-M Medical School is kicking off a new partnership as part of a larger effort to connect the Medical School with high schools in under-served areas and to stimulate minority students' interest in careers in the medical field.

The program consists of 24 Cass Technical High School Students, grades 9-12, who are paired with U-M medical students for mentorship.

The first event to kick-off this program was when U-M faculty, students and several staff members visited Cass Technical High School in October 2012 for a panel discussion with the students.

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In November 2012, participants visited UMHS for a half day of activities with Michigan medical students leading the way.
They had hands-on experience in the Medical School mock exam rooms as well as had the opportunity to meet and have lunch with their mentors.

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In January 2013, the high school students visited again for a busy day in the Clinical Simulation Center where they learned basic CPR skills, received hands-on experience with SimMan, an adult patient simulator, tried their skill with the laparoscopy box trainers and various other activities.
They also participated in educational, fun and interactive activities led by the Black Medical Association, a student organization in the Medical School.

The students worked in groups where they actively learned about various areas of health and disease as well as the importance of a balanced diet and physical activity.

Students then heard from Dr. Kathryn Fessler, Medical Director of the Corner Health Center in Ypsilanti, MI, who discussed disparities in health care and the importance of community health programs.

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In February 2013, the students had an exciting day as they were paired up with UofM physicians to shadow in various clinics, ranging from radiology, pediatric surgery, thoracic surgery, otolaryngology, general medicine, cardiac surgery, breast oncology and various others.

The students came professionally dressed, ready to observe and learn. No pictures are available from their clinic visits due to patient confidentiality, but we were able to capture a few as they visited the Occupational and Physical Therapy Departments to learn about these professions from Trisha Mozdzierz, OTR, and Debbie Pettitt, OTR, both OT Supervisors.

They then heard from Cass Technical High School alum, Dr. Annette Joe, Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology who specializes in mammography to detect, diagnose and treat breast cancer and benign breast problems.

Greta Krapohl
PhD, RN, Director of Operations at the Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative, gave the students a presentation on the nursing profession. She emphasized the different aspects of nursing both inside and outside the hospital environment. Greta's experience as a nurse in the US Army also helped the students to appreciate the opportunities health professionals can expect in military medicine.

Then the students spent the rest of the afternoon with their mentors enjoying lunch and working on their capstone projects which they will present in May.

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Mock Operating Room Walk Through

This event was held in the old Mott operating room and scrub stations. The purpose was to provide M1 and M2 students the opportunity to learn how to scrub, gown and glove when shadowing with a surgeon as well as the dos and don'ts in the OR. 

Dr. Mike Englesbe walked students though how the OR is set up, the personnel involved, common mistakes made while shadowing, and then finally led students through a mock case, with them acting as the operative team.

This provided them great preparation for future shadowing opportunities they may have.

Then Dr. Brad Reames, House Officer 4, led some of the students in a practice suturing session and 4th year medical students, Vik Sood and Alex Kim, showed students how to scrub in as well as glove and gown.

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Clinical Simulation Center

New this year, Dr. Oliver Varban, Assistant Professor in the Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Section of General Surgery, taught two interactive sessions to interested M1 and M2 students on central line, airway, laparoscopy and suture sessions

Second Look Weekend

ASDP was well represented by Charlie Mouch, M2, with a poster at the UofM Medical School's informative and engaging Second Look Weekend, May 2012, where future students can discover what it truly means to be a medical student at Michigan.

ASDP M1-M4 Mixer

A mixer was held this Fall 2012 to provide the opportunity for students to mix and mingle among the different class levels. Faculty and residents were encouraged to attend as well to meet the up and coming M1 and M2 students interested in surgery.



During summer 2012, ASDP offered a Career and Clinical Development Series for undergraduates and medical students.

Current faculty, residents and medical students presented lectures on professional development and clinical topics that are relevant to program participants' interests, growth, and development. Lecture topics were selected by the ASDP Advisory Committee.

The undergraduate and medical students enjoyed learning from current residents at the Clinical Simulation Center. Residents taught the students how to use the various devices and demonstrated techniques such as intubation, central line, tracheotomy, virtual colonoscopy, laprascopic techniques.

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